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From an early age, Ronald “QWNTYM” Ford Jr. set out to become a performer and has ultimately transformed into a visionary, music producer, director, playwright, choreographer, and professional artist specializing in a variation of Funkateer Dance and Dance Music. His dance collective, the Unstoppables are long time torch bearers for the Funkateer style. Always striving to inspire the Detroit dance community, QWNTYM consistently raises the bar in leadership and output of his art. QWNTYM is a proud participant in the community beneficial Sidewalk Festival for two years. He is also a 2018 Kresge Fellow and Award Recipient for Dance & Choreography, 2019 Art X Detroit grantee for his project- Jit the Funk Up and Dance!, and 2019 Knights Art Challenge winner of a grant to create a documentary about the iconic group: The Funkateers. Check out his upcoming gigs and his newest projects, which includes a sequel to Jit the Funk Up and Dance! and a dance theater piece about Detroit’s dance legacies called Detroit, Funk That Jit!

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